Star Wars' Mark Hamill's Photo With Pee-wee Herman Goes Viral

It's always fun to pop-culture worlds collide, and we are certainly getting that today, as Star Wars icon Mark Hamill stopped for a photo-op with Pee-wee's Playhouse icon, Paul Reubens. Now that photo has gone viral, with fans making all of the jokes that probably spring to mind when you see Pee-wee and Luke Skywalker together.

See for yourself:

Hamill posted this epic crossover photo with the following caption: "Take a picture, it'll last longer!@PeeWeeAndMe". Unfortunately, he had 'old man Twitter fingers' at the time, and ended up writing the caption with the erroneous "@" symbol for his attempt at a "PweeWeeAndMe" trend. Hamill's mistake turned out to be fans' big gain; the actor returned to Twitter later in the day, to properly establish the "#PeeWeeAndMe" trend with this new set of photos:

"I used an "@" instead of an "#" when I wrote #PeeWeeAndMe (So funny I forgot to laugh!🤣😩)- So here's 2 pics I hope you give twice as many "likes" than the last one. Thanking you in advance... #PeeWeeAndMeAndMarilouMakes3 #DoOver"

As stated, the reactions to this photo fall all over the usual range of Twitter reaction. Some people couldn't ignore Paul Reubens' somewhat checkered past. The actor was of course caught in a humiliating sexual scandal back in 1991, and later had more embarrassing scandal in 2002, when some obscene pornographic material was seized at his home, sparking rumors (later debunked) of child pornography. All in all, Reubens always has as big a trolling target on his back as he does admirers - as you can easily see in some of the reactions to his photo with Hamill:

Other people saw the image of Hamill and Ruebens together and got swept up in the ideas of the Star Wars and Pee-wee's Playhouse worlds colliding:

No matter how you feel about each actor, if you're an '80s/'90s kid (like myself), this is a pretty good look at two creepy old guys who used to be your childhood heroes (we kid!).


Mark Hamill will next be seen in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on December 20th.