'Solo: A Star Wars Story': New Details Emerge About Jon Favreau's Mysterious Character

Lucasfilm has opened the floodgates on Solo: A Star Wars Story, revealing a brand new trailer that [...]

Lucasfilm has opened the floodgates on Solo: A Star Wars Story, revealing a brand new trailer that gave us our best look yet at the upcoming movie. But with every new film comes a ton of new toys that will start filling the shelves.

One specific item seems to have revealed intriguing new details about Jon Favreau's mysterious new character, Rio Durant. The director is playing a four-armed alien only briefly glimpsed in the teaser trailer.

Favreau himself revealed the new toy, a Hot Wheels Battle Roller featuring Rio Durant driving what's called an Imperial AT-Hauler. The vehicle is shown in the teaser and the new trailer, flying in the snowy mountains where the train known as the Conveyex flies on its track.

Another clip shows Durant at the controls of a vehicle, and it looks like that's the vehicle he's piloting. The new trailer shows Han Solo at a similar set of controls, and the scene quickly cuts to show the AT-Hauler flying through the mountains near the train.

This scene likely takes place early in the movie, as we previously heard it is almost meant to be a test for Han Solo and Chewbacca to see if they have what it takes to become smugglers. Based on the presence of Stormtroopers and the clips of marauder Enfys Nest fighting Solo's mentor Beckett, it's safe to say things don't go according to plan.

But then again, a good heist never does.

We don't know which side of the conflict Durant falls on. Since he's piloting an Imperial AT-Hauler, he could be a member of the Empire. However, given the fact that the Empire typically doesn't allow "aliens" (AKA non-humanoids) into their ranks, that seems unlikely.

It's hard to tell if Durant will be a member of Solo and Beckett's crew, or if he will side with Enfys Nest. Favreau wasn't initially announced as a member of the cast when the film began production, so it's likely that his role isn't substantial.

This is only Favreau's first foray into the Star Wars saga, though he is going to take a major role in the near future. Lucasfilm announced that he is developing their first live-action series, though there's not much else known about it at this point.

Fans will get to see Favreau's franchise debut when Solo: A Star Wars Story debuts in theaters on May 25th.

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