'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Trailer Rumored to Finally Be Released This Week

After months of waiting, it looks like the first trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story could be coming very soon.

A new rumor from Star Wars Junk suggests that the Solo trailer could debut this Wednesday, January 24th. This would place the trailer alongside screenings of Maze Runner: The Death Cure, which will be released that following Friday.

As Star Wars Junk states, this is probably best classified as a rumor, as no official confirmation has come yet. Still, the Solo trailer being released sometime soon certainly seems likely, especially with the film's May 25th release date continuing to get closer.

The topic of Solo's release date has been speculated about by many, especially since the director shake-up that occurred late last year. While Solo's cast has reassured that the production wasn't affected by the change, some have wondered if it would prohibit the film from hitting its original summer 2018 release date.

And the crowded summer movie landscape - including the new release date of Deadpool 2 - has made fans speculate about a Solo release date change even more.


But information about the film has gradually come to light, largely thanks to a new synopsis and various packaging for LEGO sets. And while early reports suggested that Disney is prepared for the film to fail, a recent rumor suggested that the sneak peek has been well received by test audiences. So if this rumor is true, it sounds like it might not be too long until we find out if general audiences have the same reaction.

Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres May 25th.