Nissan Innovates 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Premiere With Epic Designs

Nissan’s latest Star Wars-themed custom show vehicle landed on the Hollywood red carpet at the [...]

Nissan's latest Star Wars-themed custom show vehicle landed on the Hollywood red carpet at the world premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story on Thursday. Based upon the brand's 2018 Nissan Rogue vehicle, the custom show car takes inspiration from the iconic Millennium Falcon ship and features unmistakable elements from the most-capable ship in the galaxy. attended the premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story with Nissan, to get a sneak peek at some of the cars which took over the carpet and greeted fans and celebrities as they arrived.


"As the third installment of our own trilogy of collaborations with Lucasfilm, we raised the bar delivering our best custom show vehicle yet," said Jeremy Tucker, Nissan's vice president of marketing communications and media. "We started with the best-selling Nissan Rogue and worked with the talented concept designers at Lucasfilm and ILM. Then, we turned to the experts at Vehicle Effects bring it to life. The result is hands-down the most complete and thrilling vehicle we've ever done."

Merging the likeness of the Millennium Falcon with the Nissan Rogue was an easy decision for the car manufacturer. ProPILOT Assist, a Nissan Intelligent Mobility technology, helps drivers maintain speeds and guide the Rogue "Straight Down the Center" with a series of alerts and warning for the driver. Similarly, the Millennium Falcon always seems to find its way out of trouble ahead by navigating obstacles with apparent ease, especially when piloted by Han Solo.

The Millennium Falcon-inspired Rogue is the most extensive Star Wars-themed Nissan custom show vehicle build to date, practically appearing as though it flew right off the screen. Most recently, the brand took over the Wrinkle in Time red carpet. In addition to a fully customized movie-inspired exterior, for the first time, this Star Wars-inspired Nissan receives a full interior makeover channeling the iconic cockpit of the Millennium Falcon.

(Photo: Dallas Jackson/

Just as any Star Wars fan would expect, the interior features buttons, lights and sound effects closely reflecting the sights and sounds of the Millennium Falcon's cockpit. It also features front and second-row chairs like those seen inside the Millennium Falcon.

The exterior is where the workmanship of the build shines most. Custom handcrafted aluminum body panels feature details mimicking the Millennium Falcon, while 3D-printed inserts bring another level of immersive depth to the project. A roof-mounted radar dish and laser cannon appear as though they could have been lifted right from the movie set. Up front, the multi-pane windshield clearly resembles that of the on-screen hero.

The rear of the craft was not left out from the Star Wars magic. The subspace-hyperdrive unit spanning the entire width of the Rogue appropriately glows blue, while a trio of high-mounted Bose speakers and a 18" Bose subwoofer provide the aural experience. Inside and out, the Bose system delivers an impressive 1,500 watts.

Custom fabrication for the Millennium Falcon themed Rogue was completed at Vehicle Effects in Burbank, Calif. Vehicle Effects has a history in crafting custom vehicles for on-screen use and is responsible for all previous Nissan Star Wars-themed show vehicles.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is in theaters nationwide on Friday, May 25.