'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Rumored to Be Doing More Reshoots

The new line of Star Wars standalone films have had a rocky time getting onto the big screen, and [...]

The new line of Star Wars standalone films have had a rocky time getting onto the big screen, and a new rumor points to the franchise's upcoming Han Solo standalone flick, Solo: A Star Wars Story, continuing to have "issues."

Solo reshoots have begun from StarWarsLeaks

As you can see above, this Star Wars leaks thread on Reddit is claiming that Solo reshoots will be taking place for three weeks, starting at the end of January. However, while some fans may want to read into this alleged production update with skepticism and doubt, if it proves true, it wouldn't necessarily be all that out of the ordinary for a production of this magnitude.

Back in June, director Ron Howard was brought in to replace former Solo directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord, and rumor has circulated that Howard basically reshot the entire movie. That production rumor seems to synch up with this latest one; if Howard truly reshot the movie, than that production schedule would naturally include the usual blockbuster movie reshoots, which would typically be scheduled right around... now.

All question of this rumor's validity aside, Solo: A Star Wars Story has quickly risen to become the most doubted film in the franchise's history, with most polls indicating there's only lukewarm fan anticipation for this one. From the troubled production, to the choice of character and subject matter, Solo has a steep uphill battle to win fan approval and build anticipation. Recent weeks have revealed some potentially exciting story elements and surprise cameos in the film, so a stellar first trailer could quickly turn things around.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now in theaters. Solo: A Star Wars Story arrives on May 25, 2018; Star Wars: Episode IX follows on December 20, 2019.