'Star Wars: Episode IX': First Look at New TIE Fighter Possibly Revealed

The upcoming Disneyland and Walt Disney World attraction Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens later this year, though a preview event of the park may have given us our first look at new TIE Fighters that could debut in Star Wars: Episode IX.

TIE Echelon from Galaxy's Edge (and maybe IX?) from r/StarWarsLeaks

The above photo was shared on Reddit, depicting the new ship. ABC News' Clayton Sandell attended the preview and confirmed that the ship was described as appearing in an upcoming movie, even if Episode IX wasn't explicitly confirmed at the event.

"That's where the TIE fighter is parked and it is an awesome TIE fighter. A brand new TIE fighter that nobody has ever seen before," Sandell shared with Star Wars News Net. "And they hinted you're going to see this TIE fighter in a new movie. I am guessing Episode IX. It's a really cool design. It combines, if you could imagine Kylo's shuttle kind of shrunken down into a TIE fighter look."

The new Disney attraction will debut a variety of exciting opportunities for guests, including immersive experiences that will make attendees feel like they are part of the films. The activities that fans encounter are reported to take place between the events of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Episode IX, so it would make the most sense that this new TIE Fighter, known as the TIE Echelon, would debut in this year's sequel.

When speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the Imagineering creative executive in charge of Galaxy's Edge shared details not only about the ship,but also about new Stormtroopers that will be found in the area.

"The 709th, the Red Fury," Scott Trowbridge shared when discussing the First Order Stormtroopers that will be exploring the attraction. "There are some stories to be told about those folks, and why they're here, what they came looking for — or who they came looking for."

The outlet also noted, "This elite squad from The First Order has arrived on a new ship — the TIE Echelon, which has a cockpit similar to Kylo Ren's batwinged shuttle but the curved foils of Darth Vader's TIE Advanced x1."

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland and Walt Disney World will both be opening later this year. Star Wars: Episode IX opens on December 20th.

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