Star Wars: Reported 'Episode IX' Filming Location Could Feature Return to 'Rogue One' Locale

Details about what fans can expect from Star Wars: Episode IX are still unknown, though a possible report for a shooting location might connect to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. A Jordan resident took to Reddit to detail their experiences of driving past a film set which featured clues that it could be a Star Wars film, with Wadi Rum previously having served as Jedha in Rogue One.

Episode IX - Wadi Rum

YenaMagana shared the above photos and described their encounter in the area.

The pertinent details shared are as follows:

  • "Saw several rigs that were supposed to be some sort of landspeeders (one looked a lot like Rey's orange creamsicle speeder); these whizzed by rather quickly and I was not able to get a good photo.
  • "Pretty sure we saw Daisy Ridley (or perhaps another actress) getting a guided tour on a camel, with a heavy police escort.

  • "Drove past the film set you see in the photo album. There were all sorts of tents, a lot of cut-outs of alien figures (looked a lot like Neimoidians), and pylon-sort of things. Looked like Jakku.

  • "There is a big tent city with trailers, large MSU-style tents, and shipping containers. I am guessing this is where they construct a lot of the props, etc.

  • "While trying to leave Wadi Rum the next day, were told to take a different path as they were filming in a certain area using a lot of pyrotechnics (!!!)."

The user did note that it's not a strange occurrence for movies to be filmed in the region, with Lawrence of Arabia and The Martian also having been shot there.

There are many interesting details about this potential set report, as the area was used for establishing shots of Jedha while the user noted how some of the areas they saw looked like Jakku. Given the trajectory of Rey's journey, returning to Jakku would make sense, as she would likely seek more information about her parents after Kylo Ren told her that they died and were buried on the planet.

Additionally, it wouldn't be surprising if Rey sought more information about the Jedi ways by returning to the temple on Jedha, given that Luke Skywalker was no longer around her to teach her about the Jedi Order. Another interesting point is the reference of the Neimoidians, which had a larger presence in the prequel trilogy, with their appearance potentially offering more connections to the earlier chapters in the franchise.

With more than a year to go before the film lands in theaters, this is likely only the beginning of set reports about possible locations that will be featured in the new film.


Episode IX lands in theaters in December of 2019.

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