'Star Wars: Episode IX' Report Teases Massive Production Scale

The Star Wars saga has seen all manner of action depicted in various films and TV series over the [...]

The Star Wars saga has seen all manner of action depicted in various films and TV series over the course of its 40-year history, yet one source who is reportedly close to production claims that none of that will hold a candle to the scope and scale of Star Wars: Episode IX.

The report kicked off over on Reddit in response to a user submitting images of gifts that were handed out to members of the Episode IX crew. Another user, who seemingly provided the necessary proof to confirm their involvement in the production, pointed out that two bottles featured in an image weren't actually part of the crew gift. Following the reveal that someone close to the production was reading the Star Wars SubReddit, they started a new thread teasing details about the new film.

While the original thread providing details has since been deleted, Star Wars News Net highlighted the pertinent information. The site noted that the original thread explained that "the scale of the film is incredibly large, even by Star Wars standards, and fans will be surprised." The thread also highlighted two encounters with crew members, one who liked Star Wars: The Last Jedi and one who did not, with the source claiming that both parties were equally impressed by how the production was coming along.

The original comments were visible online for less than a day before they were deleted, seemingly by the source themselves. Specific details about the plot hadn't been revealed, yet it's understandable that someone would be caught up in sharing excitement about the endeavor before realizing they could be putting their career in jeopardy.

Fans are eagerly awaiting any details about the production, as only a few behind-the-scenes shots have emerged, none of which reveal anything particularly exciting about the film.

Lucasfilm is currently in an interesting position when it comes to promoting the upcoming film, as the past year has delivered multiple marketing setbacks.

The release of the title, official posters, and official footage from The Last Jedi happened closer to the release of the film than the marketing campaign for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, though the difference in the financial returns was negligible. With Solo: A Star Wars Story, the first teaser debuted less than four months before its release, with the film failing to take in $400 million worldwide, making it a disappointment in the Star Wars series.

The studio is likely conflicted about the time frame to release the title or any first looks at the film, wanting to maintain the film's mystique without cutting things too close and risking a situation similar to Solo.

With the film landing in theaters in December, we could potentially get our first look and possibly a title reveal before the end of the month.

Stay tuned for details on Star Wars: Episode IX.

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