'Star Wars' Fan Theory Explains the Gruesome Reason the Ewoks Had a Dress for Leia

A Star Wars fan has figured out the dark secret behind a lighthearted scene in Return of the [...]

A Star Wars fan has figured out the dark secret behind a lighthearted scene in Return of the Jedi.

Everyone remembers that, in Return of the Jedi, Leia and the Ewoks seemed to share a special bond. While Luke, Han, and Chewbacca were tied up and captured after encountering the Ewoks for the first time, Leia was taken to their treetop village without issue and was even given a new dress to wear.

However, a Star Wars fan pointed out the one flaw with the seeming kindness shown to Leia by the Ewoks, and it all has to do with the clothing that Ewoks gave her.

The theory, which was posted by the user "premeddit" on Reddit, pointed out two key facts about Return of the Jedi. First - Ewoks eat people. We saw this when the Ewoks tried to roast Luke and Han as part of a banquet to be held in honor of their god, C-3PO.

The second fact is that the Ewoks seemingly gave Leia a dress made out of local Endorian material. While it's possible that Leia had a dress on her, it seems unlikely as she was participating in a Rebel Commando mission at the time. And judging by the Ewok's own primitive clothing, it seems equally unlikely that the Ewoks had simply sewn up a dress after taking Leia's measurements.

So, that means that the Ewoks already had a dress made for humanoids in their possession when Wicket first led Leia to their village. Where did that dress come from and what happened to its previous owner?

Well, as shown in the Ewoks movie, humans have crash landed on Endor before. So, the theory states that the Ewoks likely found the dress's original owner (likely while she was wearing the dress), murdered her, and then ate her, possibly in a religious ritual.

It seems like a pretty dark theory, but it's one solidly based in Star Wars lore. After all, we saw the Ewoks try to roast Luke and Han on screen and no one batted an eye. Sure, it was played up for laughs, but let's not forget that the Ewoks probably knew that humans tasted delicious beforehand. Otherwise, they would have tried to roast Chewbacca...although that probably would have required skinning him first due to his thick fur.

Does this dark revelation change how you feel about Ewoks? Or are you willing to give the Ewoks a pass because they look like cute teddy bears? Let us know in the comment section below.