Star Wars Fans Build 5,000 Brick LEGO AT-AT To Scale WIth Minifigures

The Empire has numerous weapons at its disposal, but one of the most recognizable vehicles in [...]

The Empire has numerous weapons at its disposal, but one of the most recognizable vehicles in their arsenal is the massive AT-AT.

The AT-AT, which stands for All Terrain Armored Transport, is a vehicle made for ground troop support and features significant armor. These vehicles tower above everything else on the battlefield, so when Noah (of CPGamers) went about creating his very own AT-AT out of LEGO, he knew getting the scale correct was paramount (via Brothers Brick).

He decided to make the vehicle at mini figure scale, as he had previously made multiple AT-ST's at that same scaling. The AT-AT stands at 2 and a half feet tall and 2 and a half feet long, and absolutely dwarfs the AT-ST's. When placing the mini figure next to the AT-AT's feet, you can really get a sense of how massive this build is. The complicated project took an estimated 4000 to 5000 bricks to put together.

The most expensive part of the build was ordering special rare LEGO bricks, like the corner slope pieces on the feet and the round dish shaped pieces used on the legs.


In fact, even with ordering those from overseas, the whole build only cost him roughly $150 USD to make, but that is largely because of his already significant LEGO collection. He estimates that without that, it would have been closer to $300.

To top it off, he inserted the impressive creation into his planet Hoth mock build, and it looks even better when surrounded by AT-ST's, tiny rebels in their snowy trenches, and an equally impressive ion cannon, which he built in an earlier video. The scene is fantastic, but as he says in the video, he understands why LEGO doesn't make these massively available, as they are time-consuming to create. You can view more photos of the AT-AT in the gallery above.