Watch 'Star Wars: Forces of Destiny' Episode With Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker

Days after revealing that Mark Hamill would be returning to play Luke Skywalker once again, Disney [...]

Days after revealing that Mark Hamill would be returning to play Luke Skywalker once again, Disney has now posted his new episode of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny.

You can watch the new episode in the clip above, set in the era of The Empire Strikes Back. With Master Yoda on Dagobah, Luke continues his training as a Jedi while attempting to traverse the harsh terrain of the swamp planet.

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny has been filled with many fun vignettes featuring many awesome characters throughout the different eras of the franchise. Some have been more "impactful" than others, showing a meeting between Han Solo and Hera Syndulla or introducing Jyn Erso to the greater canon.

But this one fleshes out a time period that many fans will admit they'd like to see more of.

Luke Skywalker went from a hapless farm boy to a Jedi Master in no short amount of time, but when viewing the original trilogy it's hard to see how he gets to that point. The only segments of training that fans get to see are when he attempts to deflect a floating ball's blasters, running around with Yoda on his back, and attempting to stack rocks while doing a hand stand.

This scene builds off of Yoda's lessons on Dagobah, showing that Luke went through much more than what fans saw on the movies. While that was always presumed in the films, seeing it actually take place is welcome.

It's also wonderful to hear Mark Hamill's voice as Luke Skywalker in a Star Wars cartoon, which hasn't happened since the Holiday Special released forty years ago. Hamill has had a prolific career as a voice actor and has even appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars as Darth Bane, but this is a long time coming.

This is the second interaction between Luke and Yoda that fans have had the pleasure of seeing in the last few months. Frank Oz recently reprised the role for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and the new documentary on the home video release captured the emotional reunion between Hamill and the puppeteer.

This Forces of Destiny short continues Luke's training, providing a pivotal moment of learning about the Force that binds all living things. It's another crucial step in his journey toward becoming a Jedi Master, and we hope to see more animated stories with Hamill's involvement in the future.

You can watch the new segments of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny on Disney's YouTube channel. The new special will air on Disney XD on March 25th.