Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Guests Are Stealing and Selling Disneyland Items

When it comes to collecting rare merchandise, both the Star Wars and Disney fandoms are some of the most passionate people you'll come across, as they go to great lengths to obtain the most unique items imaginable. With Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Disney has embraced those fans by offering unique keepsakes for purchase at the attraction, which have already made their way onto the auctioning site eBay. Unfortunately, some fans are going to even greater lengths to earn a profit, as they've taken to stealing items found within the park that aren't for sale in hopes of selling them for a hefty premium.

As pointed out by The OCR, items like maps of the park, coasters from Oga's Cantina, and cards handed out to guests on Smugglers Run that determine your position on the Millennium Falcon have all been popping up on eBay to fetch a profit. The outlet noted that some keepsakes that were never intended to be flipped on eBay have begun to disappear from the park, though Disney hasn't commented on if this is a reaction to those who are stealing and selling items.

"The wildly popular Oga’s Cantina has been the hardest hit," The OCR notes. "The postcard-sized cards visitors receive when they return to join the cantina’s virtual queue are now showing up on eBay bundled with packages of other Galaxy’s Edge loot. Oga’s name is spelled out on the card in a stylish Aurebesh font. Hosts are supposed to collect the cards as patrons enter the bar."

The outlet added, "The laminated menus for Oga’s Cantina started showing up on eBay for $40 during the Disneyland employee previews before regular visitors were even allowed into the park. Oga’s employees now hand out the ragged-edge menus more selectively and collect them more quickly once you’ve placed an order."

The thievery has also extended to the flatware, which is intended only to be used within the park.

"Oga’s has begun stationing an employee at the exit to make sure the interstellar glassware that the cantina’s alien cocktails are served in don’t walk out the front door," The OCR claimed. "Bartenders will trade the emptied $32 to $42 souvenir mugs sold in Oga’s for a boxed and bagged glass for easier carrying. Alcoholic beverages must be consumed inside the first Disneyland bar open to the public."


Stay tuned for details on Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, which is open now at Disneyland and opens at Walt Disney World on August 29th.

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