'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Post-Production Complete in Time for Cannes Premiere

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters in just over a month and director Ron Howard has been hard at work to make sure the film meets fans' expectations. The filmmaker recently took to social media to confirm that he had finally finished post-production on the highly-anticipated Star Wars film.

Howard shared a photo from the film and added the caption, "That's a wrap on post-production here at Skywalker Ranch [on] Solo. Wow. What a fun & exciting ride this has been for me. Thanks to an extraordinary cast and everyone behind the camera. Hope fans around the world truly enjoy."

Recent entries in the Star Wars saga have held their world premieres roughly a week before opening in theaters, though Solo is slated to have a screening at the Cannes Film Festival on May 15th. This would likely serve as the film's world premiere, given this date is 10 days ahead of its opening.

Another way in which Solo has differed from the episodic entries in the Star Wars series is that Howard has been quite active on social media, regularly offering fans hints and glimpses at the film's production. This could have been an active effort to keep fans' hope alive for a reportedly troubled shoot.

Last summer, original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller departed the project with little explanation for the split, though Lucasfilm executives eventually cited drastically different filmmaking styles for the reason behind the decision. Howard then stepped in to finish principal photography and reshoots, with the production finally wrapping in November. Sadly, the schedule reshoots made it impossible for star Michael K. Williams to attend, forcing Howard to re-cast Williams' character with frequent collaborator Paul Bettany.

In addition to directorial difficulties, star Alden Ehrenreich reportedly had difficulties embodying Han Solo, resulting in an acting coach intervening to help him get comfortable with the character. An anonymous source who claims to have acted in the project, however, shared with Vulture that Ehrenreich's performance improved dramatically following the intervention of the acting coach.

Regardless of the final film's quality, Solo: A Star Wars Story will be hitting theaters on May 25th.


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