Star Wars: John Boyega Interview From 2020 Resurfaces Saying He Was Open to Franchise Return in 30 Years

Rumors of actor John Boyega's possible return to the galaxy far, far away have ignited recently, due to a brief clip of him admitting he'd be open to a return being shared on social media, though the source of the video is from an interview Boyega did with Jake's Takes back in May of 2020. While it's surely possible that the actor has the same stance about a return to the franchise as he did a year ago, this conversation took place before his revealing conversation he had with British GQ in which he expressed his disappointment in how Lucasfilm handled his character and the racism he experienced working on the trilogy.

When specifically asked about being open to a return to the franchise in 30 years, similar to Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher's returns for the sequel trilogy, Boyega revealed, "Definitely. I loved working on Star Wars, I really loved the experience, and people get surprised when I tweeted there were some disappointments, but guys, my generation of actors are not the same as the generation of actors that came before us, who painted the whole experience to always be perfect and all that kind of stuff. The same way your job ain't perfect sh-t, mine ain't. So just having that relationship in itself and being able to express that to the fans has been, to me, a big, major deal in being a part of this."

Boyega went on to note that, were he to ever return to the series, it would be dependant upon how his character is handled and that exciting fans would also be a motivating factor.

"And so, coming back, I would be thinking about them, thinking about the fans, thinking about what they'd want to see," Boyega expressed. "But, this time, I'm sorry, I'd be a bit more adamant about story. And I think everybody would, I think even Oscar [Isaac] and Daisy [Ridley], everybody would be like, 'If we're gonna come back, then hopefully the story is worth us coming back, or perhaps some new characters that we help ...' Whichever way, I'm open to the conversation, as long as it's Kathy [Kennedy] and J.J. [Abrams] and maybe someone else, the team, then it's a no-brainer."

Were Boyega to have made these comments recently, after he has been so vocal about those frustrations with his experience and also detailing that he has since had conversations with Lucasfilm about how to improve the franchise going forward, these remarks would surely take on a different context. However, given what has happened in the world since this interview took place, it's unknown what his opinion on the matter would be now.


Regardless, the resurfacing of the video has revived excitement and passion for Boyega and what he accomplished in the series.

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