Star Wars: Laura Dern Would Love to Play Admiral Holdo Again

The Last Jedi didn't offer audiences too many new characters, but Laura Dern's Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo proved a courageous addition to the already impressive roster of brave Star Wars characters. Holdo made sure to keep Poe Dameron in his place to prevent him causing further unnecessary loss of life and potentially sacrificed herself in order to help the Resistance endure the onslaught from the First Order. The character's fate might be somewhat uncertain, but Dern is more than happy to return to the galaxy far, far away to reprise her role.

In her final moments, Holdo turned her ship towards the First Order and jumped into hyperspace, eviscerating all the vessels in her way. But could she have somehow survived this maneuver?

"This is the message to send to the world: I am absolutely comfortable with that theory," Dern shared with the Evening Standard of the theory that her character survived the courageous act. "I’m thrilled to be a hero but I remember a long time ago, someone saying, ‘No one dies in space.’"

Holdo's debut in the film automatically made viewers question her allegiances, as anyone who would clash with a hero like Poe Dameron would clearly have a questionable agenda. Before the film had ended, audiences learned it was Dameron who was in the wrong and could have helped the Resistance much more had he merely followed orders.

Fans were sad to see her character depart the saga, a feeling shared by Dern herself.

“I’m eager to learn about the future — or the past — of this character only because I loved playing her so much it would be heartbreaking not to have an experience of playing her again," the actress confessed. "Whether or not there’s an escape pod — unfortunately I’m not the one that knows!”

The future may be uncertain for Holdo, but Dern fully appreciated the opportunity she was given to play such a pivotal role in a franchise she viewed so fondly.

“From the moment the seven-year-old in me wakes up and you’re having lunch in Hollywood with [writer/director] Rian Johnson, an independent filmmaker you really like, and he starts talking to you about having written a role for you in something, and talks about the complexities of the character ... I listened and I was interested," Dern admitted. “I said, ‘This is very abstract and other-worldly...’ and he said, ‘Yes — it is Star Wars!’ Everything about it was magical. On set, you’d be having a tea break and Chewbacca would come over and give you a hug.”

The Last Jedi is available now on Digital HD and hits Blu-ray on March 27th.


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