Star Wars: Mark Hamill Stands By His Conclusion That A Lightsaber Could Destroy Captain America's Shield

With epic franchises like Marvel and Star Wars, it's common for debates about which is better to [...]

With epic franchises like Marvel and Star Wars, it's common for debates about which is better to crop up amongst fans. That also extends to characters in each world, and if they could take someone from the other world and vice versa in a battle. One of the more interesting debates centers around the Jedi's iconic weapon the lightsaber, and if it could cut through one of the strongest objects in the Marvel Universe, Captain America's Shield, which is made of pure vibranium. Mark Hamill previously said a lightsaber would cut through it easily, and when the topic came up again he stood by that stance.

When the topic popped up again on Twitter, Hamill brought up his previous stance on a lightsaber vs Cap's Shield, and while he made sure to make clear Luke Skywalker would never fight a hero, he did point out the lightsaber would win this contest handily.

"This vital issue was addressed over 2 years ago. I stand by my conclusion & though @ChrisEvans dismissed it as "foolish" due to the fact that he now had "vibranium ninja stars" (whatever those are), I'll gladly accept whatever your 11 year-old boy decides. Forcefully Yours, Mar🐫"

Hamill did say in another exchange that anything is possible, but if it's just weapon vs weapon, a lightsaber wins every time.

"I stand by the opinion in the original tweet. Luke would never fight a hero, but his lightsaber could easily slice Cap's shield. Of course, it's ALL fantasy, so anything's possible," Hamill wrote.

The original exchange between Hamill and Evans can be found below, starting with Hamill's original pitch on a lightsaber vs Cap's Shield.

"In the #MarvelUniverse - NO
In the #StarWarsUniverse- Luke wouldn't fight a hero, but if asked to do so, he could cut it into a million little pieces."

Evans responded "Foolish. Now I have vibranium ninja stars."

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