Mark Hamill Gives Terminally Ill Fan "Beautiful Experience" As Luke Skywalker

Many actors do a lot for their fans, recognizing their passions as a credit to success. But few have gone above and beyond like Mark Hamill.

The Star Wars actor was contacted by screenwriter Ed Solomon, who was reaching out with the hopes of doing something special for his friend's son. The child, who was dying from a terminal illness, was a huge fan of the saga and wanted to meet Luke Skywalker.

Solomon relayed his story on Twitter, sharing a heartwarming anecdote about Hamill's dedication to his fans. Check out the posts below.

(Source: Ed Solomon on Twitter)

Though Solomon did not know Hamill directly, he put the call out through the actor's agent. And Hamill came through, despite the agent's tempered warnings not to get one's hopes up.

Some actors don't like requests to "get into character" or "say that one line" from their most famous roles, and it's somewhat disrespectful depending on the situation. They are professionals, not meant to bend to everyone's requests like an animal doing tricks.

But a child with a fond love of Star Wars who simply wants to meet his hero is a different situation entirely, and Hamill responded with an eagerness to help.

The actor has been responsible for some of the greatest characters and performances in geek fandoms between his roles as Luke Skywalker and the animated version of the Joker. He's also one of the few who truly feels indebted to fans for his successes, and he's usually more than willing to ham it up with those who he has inspired.

Hamill is wonderful, through and through, and just when it seems we can't be any more fond of him, he goes and does something like this.


Fans will be able to see him play Luke Skywalker on the big screen once again when Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres in theaters on December 15.

(h/t Twitter)