Star Wars Previews New Yoda Series

When it comes to the wide world of Star Wars, there's plenty of content to look forward to. Not only are they dropping exciting new shows on Disney+, but there are also a lot of cool comics being released. just previewed an upcoming series that follows one of the most iconic characters in the franchise: Yoda. First introduced in The Empire Strikes Back, Yoda has become a staple for fans, and now he's "going solo." 

Yoda #1 was written by Cavan Scott and illustrated by Nico Leon with a cover by Phil Noto. The comic is debuting on November 23rd and is currently available for pre-order on ComiXology. You can read a description of the comic series below:

"Marvel's highly-anticipated Star Wars: Yoda miniseries finds the ancient Jedi Master in exile on Dagobah, thinking back to previously untold adventures of the past. In's first look at issue #1 and a story called 'The Coming of the Jedi,' set during the High Republic era, a people known as the Scalvi are in danger. With no alternatives, a Scalvi child makes a desperate plea for help, hoping that someone on the Jedi Council heard and will answer the call…" You can check out the comic's cover art below:

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Why Wasn't Yoda in Obi-Wan Kenobi?

The Obi-Wan Kenobi series starring Ewan McGregor was released earlier this year and featured some exciting cameos from the prequel era. However, Yoda did not make an appearance in the series. In their final scene together in Revenge of the Sith, Yoda tells Obi-Wan that he will train on Tatooine and learn how to communicate with his old master, Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson). However, when we see Obi-Wan again in the series ten years later, he is been unable to make contact with Qui-Gon, having cut himself off from the Force. During an interview with The Jess Cagle Show, McGregor explained why Yoda wasn't in the series. 

"All he's got left is to look after Luke Skywalker. That's all he's got left, really, and to try to communicate with his old master, Qui-Gonn, in his spiritual life," McGregor explained. "But he can't reach out to any of his old [mentors]. He can't reach out to Yoda, he can't reach out to any of the surviving Jedi for fear of giving himself away."

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