'Star Wars Rebels' Final Episodes Trailer Released

The end begins when #StarWarsRebels returns for its final episodes Monday, February 19 at 9pm EDT [...]

The trailer for Star Wars Rebels final episodes has been released.

"This story is about Ezra at the end of the day," Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni told Nerdist. "No matter how much prominence other characters have risen to, which I think has been great, it ultimately is Ezra's story. And I think Ezra's story is really about his family and his home, and the people there. So when you examine it in that way, it makes sense that the story really takes place on Lothal in the end. We'll have to see what elements come into play there, but [the rest of the series] is going to play out mostly, if not all, on Lothal."

Thrawn has one thing in mind heading into the final episodes: carrying out his assignment. "He's found opportunity there that maybe he didn't have otherwise. I would think that Thrawn is trying to do his duty to the greatest of his ability, and he definitely has his plans with the TIE defender and what he would like it to be, and the Imperial navy, and how he thinks that they could crush this Rebellion."

"Those items are still Thrawn's main focus," Filoni continued, "but he's been put into the Jedi kind of world. I think he sees the Jedi as a strategic problem where Palpatine sees them more as an outright enemy and a light that needs crushed. Thrawn, that's kind of Thrawn's strength in the whole thing, is he is able to, very calmly analyze things and proceed forward. He looks at loss as a learning experience, not necessarily a defeat, and that's what makes him a particularly difficult villain."

Star Wars Rebels will return with Episode 4x10, its Mid-Season Four premiere, on February 24, 2018 on Disney XD. The second half of season four marks the final batch of episodes for the animated Star Wars series.