Here's Who Dies in the 'Star Wars Rebels' Series Finale

The series finale of Star Wars Rebels aired tonight and to call it emotional would be an understatement. With Kanan having been killed weeks earlier, we knew the series would offer some devastating moments. Knowing that none of the main characters of Star Wars Rebels appeared in the original trilogy, we've been preparing to say goodbye to these characters almost since the series began. With the series finale behind us, let's look at the devastation the finale brought with it.

***WARNING: Spoilers below for Star Wars Rebels***

No, really. Don't scroll any further unless you want to see which characters meet their demise in the series finale.

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Ezra Bridger (?)

After a fateful confrontation with Emperor Palpatine, who attempted to appeal to Ezra by offering him the opportunity to bring his parents back to life, Ezra refused Palpatine and destroyed what remained of the Jedi Temple. The young Jedi then confronted Thrawn on a Star Destroyer while purrgil helped decimate the Imperial forces, with one of the creatures shattering the ship's windows and wrapping Thrawn in its tentacles. As the purrgil that was wrapped around the Star Destroyer prepared to jump to hyperspace, Ezra told the rest of the Ghost crew that he had to ensure Thrawn met his demise, with the ship jumping to hyperspace, possibly killing him.

With the cockpit windows exposed, this would subject Ezra to the horrors of hyperspace, yet the episode ended with Sabine after the events of Return of the Jedi setting out to locate Ezra, thinking he could still be alive. Considering Leia Organa briefly survived the climate of deep space, it's possible Ezra could also survive the ordeal, yet it doesn't seem likely.

star wars rebels grand admiral thrawn
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Grand Admiral Thrawn (?)

Thinking he had secured victory, Thrawn paid a visit to Lothal to witness his schemes come to completion. Ezra clearly had other plans, with Thrawn's last moments being entangled in the tentacles of a purrgil before the ship jumped to hyperspace. Much like Ezra, we didn't explicitly see the character perish, with his Chiss biology possibly allowing him to somehow survive.

star wars rebels clone gregor
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A beloved character from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, fans were elated to see Gregor, Rex, and Wolffe appear in Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels. While holding back Imperial forces in combat on Lothal, Gregor suffered a fatal shot from a blaster, yet held on to life long enough to say goodbye to his fellow Clone Troopers.

star wars rebels governor pryce
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Governor Pryce

Debuting in Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels, Pryce proved to be nearly as formidable a foe as Thrawn, even being responsible for Kanan's death when she ordered Imperial fuel depots be destroyed. As a hostage, Pryce reluctantly helped the Ghost crew infiltrate the Imperial base on Lothal, with the crew ultimately offering Pryce the chance to serve as the leader of Lothal with the Empire eradicated. Pryce's devotions to the Galactic Empire took priority, choosing to instead commit herself to the Empire while the Lothal station exploded.

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The assassin Rukh debuted earlier this season, with Thrawn enlisting him to track down the Ghost crew. After multiple altercations throughout this season, it was a fateful battle with Zeb in the bowels of the Empire's Lothal station that Rukh became trapped in the inner workings of the planet's shield generator. When the shield was flipped on, Rukh couldn't escape, resulting in his death.

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