'Star Wars Resistance' Producers Detail the Shocking Reveals of the Season Finale

The first season of Star Wars Resistance has come to an end, offering audiences some closure to a [...]

The first season of Star Wars Resistance has come to an end, offering audiences some closure to a journey full of fast-paced action and deception. The tone of the show and the animation style initially appeared to appeal to younger audiences, though the overall journey ended up delving into some darker territory. As the inaugural season came to a close, one of our heroes made a devastating decision that left audiences shocked, confirming that the show wasn't afraid of offering up more mature subject matter. The producers of the series, Brandon Auman, Athena Portillo, and Justin Ridge, recently opened up about the events of the finale.

WARNING: Spoilers below for the season finale of Star Wars Resistance

When Tam Ryvora discovered that Kaz Xiono was a spy, it threw all of her trust out the window. In hopes of finding someone who will be there for her, Tam accepts Agent Tierney's offer and joins the First Order, who audiences know is an evil organization. Despite what the audience knows, Tam herself has a different perspective.

"It's a very interesting situation, because of Tam's background and with her grandfather working for an Imperial Factory back in the day," Ridge revealed to Entertainment Weekly. "She doesn't really view the First Order as a threat. She views them more like the police force. They're just doing their job, they're keeping things safe, security is the best it's ever been on the Colossus. So, in her eyes, she really doesn't see them as a bad thing."

Auman added, "The Empire obviously was before her time and her grandfather probably told her that back then, the galaxy was safe and secure and that really influenced her outlook on The First Order."

Fans of the series might not have been surprised by Tam's actions, given the ways in which seeds of doubt had been planted in her mind all season long.

"Her disappointment and confusion grew throughout the season, so when Agent Tierny showed interest in her and presented her with the opportunity to live her dream, you can understand why she decided to join the First Order," Portillo pointed out. "It was a series of misperceptions and hurt feelings that have now dragged Tam away from being with her family, her heart. Instead of focusing on what matters most, like fighting for her team, she selfishly chooses to go with what matters most to her in that moment, self-gratification."

A second season of the series will debut this fall, potentially allowing Tam the opportunity for redemption, though she could also be more fully immersed in the nefarious organization.

Stay tuned for details on Season Two of Star Wars Resistance.

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