Star Wars Concept Artist Shares Look at Deleted Chewbacca and Kylo Ren Torture Scene

Chewbacca actor Joonas Suotamo confirmed in his book "Roar!" - My Life as a Wookiee that he filmed a scene for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in which Adam Driver's Kylo Ren tortured his character, with Concept Design Supervisor Ryan Church taking to Twitter to show off how he conceived of the moment. It's unclear, however, how similar the final scene ended up looking from director J.J. Abrams as compared to the concept art, though Church went on to explain the decisions that went into designing the scene, while also noting how powerful he felt such a sequence would have been in the finished film.

"In the script this moment was a bit vague, I chose a camera angle, composition and gesture that says all there is to say about the relationship here- it could have been one of the most intense, meaningful moments of the Trilogy," Church confirmed on Twitter. "Compositionally it kind of hits you over the head- the shape of Chewie and the chain forms an arrow that points right to Kylo's head."

He added, "Chewbacca's body language- locked knees and straight back despite his obvious defeat- are meant to suggest the tension of the moment- he has the choice to make, will he raise his head to make eye contact?"

Unlike other films in the Star Wars franchise, from the original trilogy up through Disney-produced sequels, no deleted scenes from The Rise of Skywalker have been officially released, leaving audiences to merely speculate about what sequences might not have made their way into the final cut. Given the passion of Star Wars fans, while we often understand why certain sequences are trimmed down or cut out entirely, that hasn't stopped us from wanting to see these scenes, leaving us to wonder why Lucasfilm hasn't released any The Rise of Skywalker deleted or extended scenes.

While Church thinks the scene could have been one of the most important in the trilogy, Suotamo seemingly supported its omission.

Despite Chewbacca having undergone a number of physically grueling encounters, the actor recalls in his book that the pure villainy and intensity of Chewbacca's punishment, thanks in large part to Adam Driver's performance as Kylo Ren, would have made it too difficult for audiences to then believe his change of heart and acceptance of being Ben Solo.

Stay tuned for details on the future of Star Wars.


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