Star Wars Shows Lando's Disturbing Reunion With Lobot

The latest issue of Marvel Comics' flagship Star Wars series has been released and features some fun reunions unseen on the big screen. In the issue, the heroes that aren't currently frozen in carbonite make their way back to Bespin/Cloud City to retrieve Luke Skywalker's lightsaber. To buy Luke some time, Lando goes off on his own to a different part of the station to cause a distraction and to, as he says, "repay a debt." As he makes his way to the central computer of Cloud City he finds none other than his right hand man Lobot but looking a little worse for wear than the last time he saw him.

Lobot has always had a connection to the Cloud City main computer, it can briefly be seen in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back, but now he's been hard wired into the terminal by the Empire. Lando uses Lobot's connections to make the gas filtration mechanisms in Cloud City work in reverse, sabotaging the Empire's efforts and setting off several alarms along the way.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Lobot's current predicament makes sense in the big picture of Star Wars since his implanted technology comes directly form The Empire. According to Wookiepedia: "During his time with the Galactic Empire, Lobot had an AJ^6 cyborg construct implanted into the back of his skull, allowing him to make battlefield calculations. The implants, which traded personality for productivity, would take over his mind if he lost focus. After sustaining severe injuries while aboard the Imperialis, Lobot was unable to prevent the implants from taking over, permanently making him a machine-like assistant. Years later, when Lobot worked on Cloud City, his implants allowed him to communicate directly to the city's central computer, positioning him to be the city's computer-liaison officer."

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(Photo: Marvel Comics)

What Lando will be doing with Lobot, and if he'll actually free his friend from his confines, remains to be seen. Even the solicitation for Star Wars #4 doesn't tease what will happen, but does make a mention of Lando's overall plans. We all know that Lando has a good heart in the end so hopefully he'll do the right thing here.


The new Star Wars comic series takes place picks up in-between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, after its 2015 predecessor (set between Episodes IV and V) wrapped up with 75 issues.

Star Wars #3 is available now!