Star Wars: Jon Favreau Possibly Teases Skeleton Crew Characters Will Appear in The Mandalorian

The interconnected nature of the galaxy far, far away means that various projects can see characters seamlessly jump from one world to another, with recent comments from Jon Favreau possibly teasing that characters from the upcoming series Star Wars: Skeleton Crew could be making an appearance in The Mandalorian. The timelines of the series and the previous crossovers of characters have already established the precedence of the opportunity of such an intersection, with these remarks making speculation among fans about those opportunities seem a bit more feasible. The new season of The Mandalorian and the debut of Star Wars: Skeleton Crew are expected in 2023.

"To have this young, Amblin-feeling movie with young people, who grew up in the Star Wars world and are exposed to adventure," Favreau shared of Skeleton Crew during a conversation for Entertainment Weekly. "The puppets, the costumes, the visuals, the world that's being expanded upon. And now I get to write the next season of Mandalorian with all these new characters and new locations and new creatures ... There's this cohesive group of stories that are being told thanks to all these filmmakers that are contributing."

Just earlier this year, Favreau made similar comments about the interconnected nature of the franchise, at least at this point in time, planting the seeds for how all these various projects can overlap with one another in different ways.

"All those shows that we've worked on — MandalorianAhsokaBook of Boba Fett, now Skeleton Crew — they all exist within the same timeframe," Favreau explained to Entertainment Weekly. "They all exist after Return of the Jedi. So between Episode VI and Episode VII, there's 30 years there that are somewhat unexplored, certainly on the screen."  

"There's a lot of room for us to tell stories, and there are a lot of characters that are in play because we know who's around at that time. In The Mandalorian, we begin to introduce those characters. We begin to remind people who knew them already," the filmmaker pointed out. "Or if you aren't familiar with the other works and you're just coming into this show, we're introducing them for the first time. This affords us the opportunity to have stories that interconnect and characters that go from one story to the other, and that creates a very rich fabric for us to explore." 

Stay tuned for details on The Mandalorian and Star Wars: Skeleton Crew.

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