'Solo: A Star Wars Story': L3-37 Actress Would Happily Play the Droid "Forever"

The future for the Star Wars saga and their standalone adventures is uncertain, but one thing that's for sure is Phoebe Waller-Bridge would gladly reprise her Solo: A Star Wars Story character L3-37 in perpetuity.

When discussing the possibility of playing the character in another film with Vanity Fair, the actress noted, "That would be a scream. I can imagine she has quite the past. Who knows what these imaginations will come up with next? I could play L3 forever."

While L3-37 might not have had the most screen time in the film, her character became one of the most talked about components of the adventure, due in part to Waller-Bridge's performance as the droid and the tragic fate she suffered.

One of the character's defining traits was supporting droids shaking loose the shackles of ownership from their human masters, whether that be confronting a gangster orchestrating droid fights or helping free her brethren on Kessel. Sadly, it was during the revolt that she was critically injured, with Lando making the decision to download her memory into the Millennium Falcon permanently so the ship could access her vast knowledge of the galaxy to navigate complicated routes.

Lando may have thought he was saving his companion, yet some audiences determined that this was arguably the worst fate the character could possibly suffer. Given how much she hated the concept of ownership, being forced into a vessel where she no longer even had her own body that she could control would potentially be a tragic fate for the droid.

The novelization of Solo, however, attempted to shed more light into this potentially depressing fate.

"L3 had a choice to make," an excerpt from the novel reads. "She could die with her final act being a liberator to all the droids on Kessel, or she could join with the Falcon, live on, and be part of something much big­ger. She could save them all."

The novel even teased that the character was given any other option than to live in the Falcon.

"If you refuse, you die. He dies. The others on the ship, they all die," the novel reads of a conversation between L3 and the Falcon. "If you join with us, we all can live. The choice is simple."

Whether we'll ever get to see a new film featuring the character, likely set before the events of Solo, is currently unknown, as Lucasfilm hasn't announced any future plans involving established characters.


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