'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Runtime Reportedly Confirmed

In just over four months, Solo: A Star Wars Story will land in theaters, despite fans having yet [...]

In just over four months, Solo: A Star Wars Story will land in theaters, despite fans having yet to witness a single trailer. Lucasfilm seems to be keeping a tight lid on all details related to the movie, but Google is reporting that the film will clock in at just shy of two-and-a-half hours long.

solo movie runtime
(Photo: Google)

It's unclear where the search engine is pulling their information from, but when trying to research the film, the service offers the above information.

The reported runtime is longer than each installment in the original trilogy and comes in with a similar length to recent chapters in the saga. If the above information is correct, it would be longer than Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, yet falls short of The Last Jedi's more than 150-minute length.

Fans are waiting with bated breath to see any footage or even a single image from the film, with the reported runtime possibly being a turnoff for fans. The Last Jedi became the longest chapter in the series, making audiences think Lucasfilm would create a tighter, faster-paced film that explores the origins of the famous smuggler.

It's also possible that Google has uncovered incorrect information, as Solo was undergoing a few pickup shots within the last few weeks, seemingly marking that an assembly cut hadn't been completed.

With each week that passes, fans are treated to another rumor that the trailer for the film will debut. Various sources have claimed that the trailer would debut on specific morning talk shows or during sporting events, with all of these reports being incorrect.

Last summer, the film's original directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, surprisingly parted ways from the project with only a few weeks left of principal photography and virtually no explanation. Lucasfilm tapped Ron Howard to finish the film and helm the reshoots, with Solo only wrapping in November.

The behind-the-scenes turmoil has made fans quite apprehensive about how the final film will fare, so it almost seems more likely that Disney will want to take a nontraditional method to debuting the film's first trailer so they can win back fans' admiration. It's also possible that Disney doesn't have confidence in the completed picture and are apprehensive about the response to what they've created.

Fans will have to keep waiting on a trailer, yet Solo: A Star Wars Story is still slated to hit theaters on May 25.

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