'Star Wars': Why Kylo Ren Needs His Own Standalone Movie

Star Wars: The Last Jedi viewers have had some very different reactions to the events of the film, and how it shuffles characters both old and new. Right now, there's a lot of debate about how Episode VII and Episode VIII chapters are changing the franchise, but there has been one aspect of the sequel trilogy that seems to have a lot of support behind it, and that is Kylo Ren / Ben Solo being one of the most interesting characters in the story.

As Kylo Ren continues to grow into a new iconic Star Wars villain, it's becoming clear that there's enough depth and intrigue to the character to warrant his own Star Wars standalone film.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

The first point of interest is of course the story Ben Solo. How Ben came to be born and what his early life was like with famous parents like Leia and Han would be very interesting to trace. There are so many topics and questions that would appeal to longtime fans of the saga, and serve as rich themes for a movie:

  • How did it feel growing up in the shadow of great heroes like Han and/or Leia?
  • How did young Ben feel knowing the legacy of Darth Vader when his Force powers first started to emerge?
  • Would Han and Leia's son be a target of former Empire figures looking for vengeance?
  • How did Ben react to Han and Leia's fallout and split, and Han leaving?
  • What really happened between Ben and Luke, and how was Ben's mindstate after their violent falling out?
  • When did Snoke get to Ben, and what logic caused Ben to turn into Kylo?
  • How/why did he become one of the Knights of Ren?

These are the sort of items that are already on fans' wish list as "fillers" for the gaps in Kylo Ren's story. However, there are also great character reasons for Ben Solo / Kylo Ren to occupy his own standalone film.

Finding Balance

The Star Wars saga has always been focused on telling the story of the Skywalker bloodline and the struggles of its respective members to balance their powerful connection to the Force. The Last Jedi begins a process where that storyline is being expanded into something much bigger, but before we move on from the Skywalker story, le's not ignore one of the more interesting parts of that story!

Star Wars Kylo Ren Standalone Movie

Of the two "fallen" Skywalkers (Anakin and Ben), the latter has an opportunity to give fans a compelling story of a struggle between light and dark, and the choices that lead down a tragic path, in a way that was mishandled in the case of the the former. While a lot of fans still hold tight to Episode III - Return of the Sith as a good chapter, for many viewers, the story of Anankin's turn to the dark side was ruined by the same "prequelitis" that gave us mocked moments like the "You killed younglings!" line, as well as the infamous "Nooooo" moment when Anakin first awakens as Vader.

One thing fans have loved about films like , is how they show a darker and more morally complex version of the Star Wars saga. Ben Solo's story already has deep shades of such complexity coloring it - and actor Adam Driver has the nuance and skill to convey Ben/Kylo's volatile conflicting emotions. Where the prequels fail convey the gravitas of a Jedi's fall to the dark side, the story of Ben Solo's fall could really hit with real emotional weight - especially since we already know that his path away from the light and his family eventually brings tragic losses like that of Han Solo, Luke, and even Admiral Ackbar.

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