Star Wars: Could Snoke Be The First Jedi?

One of the biggest surprises The Force Awakens provided fans was the debut of Supreme Leader Snoke, a figure so villainous that he could command both the First Order and the ferocious Sith Kylo Ren. Countless theories have emerged in the years since his debut, with fans attempting to connect dots to all corners of the Star Wars galaxy. Based on new images from Star Wars: The Last Jedi: The Visual Dictionary, one Reddit user posits that Snoke could potentially be the first ever Jedi.

Is Snoke the FIRST JEDI? from StarWarsLeaks

One of the biggest hints is the visual similarity to an image emblazoned on the floor of a ruined Jedi Temple, which the new Visual Dictionary offers only an upside-down glimpse of. When the image is flipped, it's easy to see the similarities between the emblem and the bulbous-headed Snoke.

Another clue that could hint at Snoke's origins is the specific wording of describing the emblem as that of the "Prime Jedi, the first of the Order." It's possible that this phrasing is simply a coincidence, but given that Snoke helps command the First Order, we can't help but wonder where the term originated from and its meaning.

Given how little audiences know about the character, there are virtually an endless amount of possibilities, but the concept that Snoke is a character that hasn't been seen anywhere else in the Star Wars saga is much more likely than him being a character we've met elsewhere.

Fans have yet to see Snoke in the flesh, but based on the hologram we saw in The Force Awakens, his body could potentially be old enough to validate him being the first Jedi.

“There’s a frailty and a damage to Snoke,” actor Andy Serkis told Empire Magazine. “His face is cleaved in, scars across his mouth, contorted body. But without giving too much away, he is strong. He is the dark end of the Force. He’s the leader of the First Order, but he has his own agenda. He’s a cruel manipulator.”

In his old age, it's also possible that Snoke has rejected labels of Jedi and Sith, existing somewhere between the two principles.

"[Snoke is] definitely not a Sith, but he’s certainly at the darker end of the Force," Serkis pointed out. “Without giving too much away, that begins to unfold a little in this one.


Fans will see more of Snoke when he appears in The Last Jedi, debuting December 15.

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