Star Wars: Ron Howard Shares Praise for 'The Last Jedi'

Solo: A Star Wars Story director Ron Howard is deep into post-production on his film, yet he managed to emerge to attend a screening of The Last Jedi with his family. The filmmaker took to Twitter to share his support of the project.

ron howard the last jedi twitter
(Photo: Twitter, realronhoward)

This marks one of Howard's first Star Wars-related posts on social media in nearly a month, having announced in mid-November that the post-production process on Solo had begun. Prior to that announcement, the filmmaker regularly posted glimpses of various elements of the production while teasing fans with their significance.

Howard may have had ulterior motives for sharing the photo and praising the film, knowing that writer/director Rian Johnson has received criticism from certain sections of fans for his decisions with the film's narrative, specifically with its demonstration of new Force abilities.

Despite the backlash with the compelling directions he took the film, Johnson didn't let any of those criticisms get to him, explaining to the Los Angeles Times exactly why he made the bold moves.

"The truth is, because Star Wars until The Force Awakens has been set in amber and we hadn't had a new Star Wars movie in 10 years, you forget that they were introducing new Force stuff with each movie, based on the requirements of the story," Johnson pointed out. "Force-grabbing didn't come around until Empire, it wasn't in A New Hope. Same with Force ghosts. They'd introduce new ideas of what could happen with the Force each time."

Not only did The Last Jedi show us new abilities, it also marked our first glimpse of Leia using her abilities.

"That was something Kathy [Kennedy] was always asking: Why has this never manifested in Leia? She obviously made a choice, because in Return of the Jedi Luke tells her, 'You have that power too.'"

Howard may have made a brief outing from the editing room, but fans are clamoring for any footage from the upcoming Solo film, with not so much as an official still being released from the production.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on May 25, 2018. The Last Jedi is in theaters now.

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