Star Wars: The Mandalorian's Gina Carano Passed Out Twice Filming Baby Yoda Force Choke Scene

The Mandalorian is the signature offering on Disney+ in the early days of the streaming service. Gina Carano’s Cara Dune has been a fan favorite during the travels of Mando and Baby Yoda. The actress recently revealed that the small creature that the entire world has grown to love over the last month is a lot more powerful than one might think. On Twitter, she told the story of the first time she got force choked by “The Child” and it seems like it took some time to get used to being on the business end of that power. She says that she passed out multiple times while trying to film that scene and her castmates were absolutely horrified when it happened. Now, of course, Carano is okay, but the entire incident feels like it would be really scary. Good for her that she’s learned how to handle that position because the entire Star Wars fanbase is eagerly awaiting the next batch of adventures starring Mando and the little one we’ve all come to know as Baby Yoda.

The Mandalorian’s architect, Jon Favreau guarded the secret of the little alien like his life depended on it. He talked with Collider about that massive surprise waiting for fans after that first episode. Baby Yoda was waiting in the wings for months without fans knowing what would come next.

Favreau began, “I wanted to surprise people, and I wanted to—well, there are bigger arcs that go through the whole season and the whole throw of the show. So as fun as it is to reveal new characters and surprise them, it also fits into a larger narrative about what’s going on in the galaxy after the revolution, and this is an important character.”

Favreau wasn’t the only person that loved the ending of the pilot. Rick Famuyiwa came into episode two with a ton of energy after learning about the big surprise. He was looking forward to his turn in the director’s chair and told Variety about approaching such a big surprise in his outings.

“I was super pumped,” Famuyiwa explained. “To sort of come in a be able to do the second one, because there’s so much that the end of the first episode… sort of shook up and really change for our main character, and so I love that, you know, I would sort of be the person in the aftermath of that.”


“Or maybe I shouldn’t,” he joked. “Maybe I shouldn’t love that so much, because now I feel a lot of pressure, thank you.”

The Mandalorian is now available on Disney+.

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