Star Wars: The Mandalorian Actor Says His Backstory Will Be Revealed in Season 2

The first live-action Star Wars series is currently in the middle of its inaugural season on Disney+, and fans are starting to learn more about the state of the galaxy after the fall of the Empire. But Star Wars: The Mandalorian is still raising a lot of new mysteries such as the Purge of Mandalore, the state of the Kamino cloning group, and this interesting new character affectionally known by fans as Baby Yoda. But there's also other fresh faces that are surrounded with questions, including Mando's old ally and employer known as Greef Carga.

Actor Carl Weathers is enjoying his time as the leader of this little corner of the bounty hunter's guild, and he teased that fans will get to know a lot more about his character in the next season.

"I think [Greef's backstory] is more saved for season two," Weathers said to GamesRadar. "But you get some glimpses at Greef and who he is through the stories in the first season. There's some real strong indications that give you some idea of who he is. But we never let on completely."

Greef was introduced in the series as an ally for the Mandalorian, but a series of events takes place that puts the two on opposing sides. After a surviving group of Imperial stragglers puts a bounty on a creature through backchannels, the Mandalorian reneges on the deal after discovering the creature is Baby Yoda.

Greef then attempts to retrieve the child with the aid of other bounty hunters and even attempts to kill the Mandalorian himself. But of course, the titular hero is highly skilled and manages to shoot Greef in the chest — the spot where he placed his payment of Beskar, and the strong metal stopped him from dying.

Weathers addressed playing a character who started out as an ally but has since become a rival to the Mandalorian.

"It's much more interesting to play someone who is not all of one thing – not one-dimensional. Also, it opens it up to stories later on that can reveal much more about this character. Certainly with Greef, you have to really keep your eye on him."


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