Star Wars: The Mandalorian Reveals SPOILER Uses the Force

The Star Wars fandom didn't have to wait for long for the release of a brand new episode of The Mandalorian, as it's now hit Disney+ just a few days after the series launched alongside the streaming service. After Lucasfilm's first chapter ended with a stunning revelation of a mysterious new character, forcing the titular bounty hunter into a precarious position, we now get to see how his journey continues across the desert wasteland with his cargo in tow.

But this mysterious character makes a major impact in Chapter 2, called "The Child," which raises a lot of new questions about how the Mandalorian will deal with these developments.

Warning: Spoilers for The Mandalorian episode "Chapter 2" below.

The previous episode consisted of the Mandalorian accepting an off-the-books bounty from a contingent of Empire holdovers, an Imperial officer and his cadre of Stormtroopers seemingly in hiding on the outskirts of the galaxy. The bounty hunter is hired to bring in a mysterious target, a 50-year-old being, alive or dead. But when he finds the bounty, it's a major shock:

It is a baby of the same species as Jedi Master Yoda, the mysterious race that has still gone unnamed after 40 years of storytelling in the Star Wars galaxy.

The second episode picks up with the Mandalorian and the baby trekking back through the desert to his ship, where they encounter all kinds of setbacks and come up against many recognizable creatures from previous films. The baby even expresses concern for the Mandalorian as the bounty hunter attempts to dress his own wounds, often climbing out of his hovering crib to cause some mischief.

In the end, in order to secure his exit from the planet and deliver the baby to its destination, the Mandalorian must procure an alien egg belonging to a giant rhino-type alien. The battle is drawn out, and many of the Mandalorian's firearms are expended in the process. And just as the rhino is going for the killing blow, the Mandalorian is left with nothing else but a small knife to defend himself.

But then the rhino attempts to gorge him and is stopped in its tracks, then lifted off of the ground, by the Force-sensitive baby. But the power is overwhelming for the child, and it quickly falls unconscious — just in time for the Mandalorian to deliver the killing blow.

The baby stays unconscious for most of the rest of the episode, but the Mandalorian continues to care for it as they make their way off world. And just before the credits role, the baby wakes up, leading directly into next week's episode.


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