Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer Possibly Debuting Next Week

October is already underway and fans are still wondering when they're going to get another taste of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker footage. New reports are surfacing that believe the time for a new trailer could be closer than people think. Star Wars News Net believes that people should be looking for the newest trailer on October 21st during Monday Night Football. This latest piece of news flies in the face of some other speculation from last month.

Last week the official Star Wars Twitter account caused quite a stir when responding to a fan about a seemingly innocuous dog costume. Fans thought the interaction was a clue for the trailer's release date, but maybe that isn't the case. The fan told the account that he wanted to have his dog cosplay as series newcomer Babu Frik. When the Star Wars account responded like the popular WeRateDogs account, pandemonium broke loose.

A simple 14/10 is enough to make people lose their minds, but when you think about it, it makes sense. Putting those two numbers together could be a sly nod to an October 14th release date. Monday Night Football is a popular pick for the next airdate, but the latest report has it a week later. One thing seems to be very likely, a football game will play host to the trailer in whichever week it comes.

This all fits in surprisingly well with the tried and true formula that Disney and Lucasfilm have developed over the years for trailers. Star Wars: The Force Awakens came to theaters in December 2015 and the full trailer made its way into the world on October 19th of that year. The Last Jedi would follow suit in December of 2017, and the trailer came out two years ago today. Following that logic, it only makes sense for fans to keep an eye on the internet for the next few Monday Night Football matchups.

October 21st actually might make a touch more sense as a trailer release date seeing as the World Champion New England Patriots are taking the field. Not that people don't watch football normally, usually they can't get enough. But, Disney wants to deliver the clip to as many eyeballs as possible and having the Pats on for the big moment surely couldn't hurt.


People are still reeling from the last footage revealed at D23 and then released online subsequently. Emperor Palpatine's laugh is the lasting sound still ringing out in a lot of fans' minds. After that trailer hit, people couldn't get to online communities fast enough to theorize what it could all mean. People around the film are understandably little help, the lid has been shut tight on letting any big story details make their way out into public view.

Even so, fans are left to wonder how it all fits together, especially that version of Rey on the Dark Side in the latest footage. When that image surfaced at D23, people couldn't believe their eyes. Theories about it being a dream sequence, or possibly a giant curveball flooded Reddit and other spots online. Well, whatever happens, December will bring concrete answers. Until then, that Monday Night Football matchup looms large as the next big source of information about the end of this trilogy.