The Walking Dead: Norman Reedus Reveals Why Daryl Won't Kneel To Negan

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead season seven.

Negan is doing his best to break Rick and his group this season on The Walking Dead. He succeeded in crushing Rick in the season premiere, and his attention has now turned to Rick's loyal friend, Daryl.

Negan handed Daryl over to Dwight to be tortured, and the pair are trying their hardest to rock the biker's world. However, they aren't trying to break Daryl in the same way they did Rick.

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Negan and Dwight want Daryl to come out the other side stronger, ready to become a key component of The Saviors. If Negan had it his way, Daryl would serve alongside Dwight as a key enforcer for the villain.

Towards the end of the episode, it seemed that Daryl had finally broken. After seeing the picture of Glenn's dead body, there wasn't much left in our hero. Little did we know, that moment actually strengthened Daryl, instead of breaking him.

During an AMC Q&A about the recent episode, Norman Reedus opened up about Daryl's motivations this season. The actor revealed that the motivation for his defiance was, in fact, about somebody else, despite what the character said in the episode.

"I think because of Glenn, he can’t give up who he is because Glenn never gave up who he was. Glenn was a very honest person, always saw the good in things and had an optimistic point of view. I think with how this episode ends, if Daryl would have said he’s Negan, it would have completely belittled every single thing Glenn was about. Even if Daryl died being Daryl, he has to keep his head up for Glenn. He couldn’t just let it all go at the last minute. He’s fighting not just for himself, but for Glenn as well."

In the episode, Daryl said he wouldn't break because there was no one else he had to look out for. According to this interview, that's not exactly true. Glenn and Daryl were close friends, and Daryl is now living the rest of his life trying to honor his fallen brother.

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Source: AMC