Who All Died in 'The Walking Dead' Episode 8x04

WARNING: Major Spoilers ahead for the latest episode of The Walking Dead! Continue reading at your own risk...

It looks like the loss of Eric opened up the floodgates on The Walking Dead, as the All Out War that we've talked so much about has finally started claiming casualties. Seriously, when you break it down, there were a lot of deaths this episode.

"Some Guy" started with the ambush, and subsequent massacre of Ezekiel's army. Almost every soldier from the Kingdom lost their lives, but the only character who had names that fans might recognize were Daniel and Alvaro.

Basically every Kingdom soldier except for Jerry and Dianne was killed. Jerry, as we saw, helped Ezekiel and Carol survive, while Dianne was travelling with Aaron, Tara and Morgan.

The most substantial, and saddest, death in the entire episode was that of Shiva, Ezekiel's beloved tiger.

When Jerry, Ezekiel and Carol were caught in the woods, surrounded by a small horde of walkers, they had no way to defend themselves. Shiva was able to come and take their attention away, sacrificing herself in order for her master and friend to escape with his life.

In just one episode, nearly all of The Kingdom's army was depleted, leaving Rick and the rest of his allies at a massive disadvantage. Hopefully next week's episode won't be as costly.

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