'Fear The Walking Dead' Mid-Season Finale Shocks With Major Exit

Fear the Walking Dead's Mid-Season Four finale was guaranteed to be the end of the road for some characters but added to the list in its final moments.

Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead Episode 4x08 follow. Major spoilers!

In the final moments of Fear the Walking Dead's Mid-Season Four finale, Madison Clark went down with the baseball stadium. After Mel's attack on the stadium included an oil-covered walker herd, Madison wanted to make every effort to rescue her kids who had been trapped outside. After helping them, Luciana, and Strand get to safety, Madison ignited the baseball stadium and closed to gates in an effort to contain the chaos.

For all intents and purposes, Madison Clark is dead.

Of course, other Fear the Walking Dead characters have appeared to go down in flames before only to return better than ever. Daniel Salazar torched the Abigail Estate back in Season Two, seemingly going up in smoke with it, but returned later with an apparent invincibility complex. Madison, however, isn't going to be as lucky.

Madison, played by Kim Dickens, joined AMC's Fear the Walking Dead in its first season. She was a guidance counselor in Los Angeles and the mother of a blended family. Of that family, her husband Travis, step-son Chris, and son Nick have all now perished. Nick, however, survived Madison only to be killed in the show's "NOW" timeline as Madison went down the flashback-style "BEFORE" timeline.

The death, however, came after a connection to Season Four newcomer Althea was revealed. Prior to building the baseball stadium sanctuary for her family, Madison Clark came across Althea and shared her story on camera. In the "NOW" timeline, Althea has been with and is currently with the only surviving member of the Clark bloodline, who could be convinced by Madison's tape to forgive Althea.


At this point, seems as though Fear the Walking Dead is Alycia Debnam-Carey's to lead as Alicia Clark. Fear the Walking Dead Epispde 4x08 was also the finale episode for Nick actor Frank Dillane and Mel actor Kevin Zegers.

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