‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Star Teases “Newbie” Survivor

The back half of Fear The Walking Dead season 4 will introduce a “newbie” survivor not experienced in the apocalyptic world of zombie-slaying and survival, Morgan actor Lennie James teased at San Diego Comic-Con.

“There’s one thing I will tell you. We introduce a character — and we’re quite long into the apocalypse now — and we introduce a character who’s a newbie,” James told Entertainment Tonight.

“We introduce a character who has not been out into the world, has not really come across walkers, and for the writers to pull off [bringing] in a newbie into this world, at this time, I think is a real stroke of genius. And the particular actor who plays that particular character does a really remarkable, fantastic job. So looking forward to the fans seeing that. Someone who’s actually new to the world and wide-eyed.”

“It’s a baby,” joked John Dorie actor Garret Dillahunt, feigning a slip up. “No, it’s not a baby.”

Fear dramatically switched up its cast in the front half of season 4: James hopped over from The Walking Dead, boarding the spinoff alongside series newcomers Dillahunt, Maggie Grace, and Jenna Elfman, who now comprise the main cast.

Other new faces this season included the since-killed off Mel (Kevin Zegers) and his ilk, the Vultures, who were eradicated by vengeful series vets Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), Strand (Colman Domingo), and Luciana (Danay García) as revenge for technically claiming the lives of Madison (Kim Dickens) and Nick (Frank Dillane). The pack have since taken in former Vulture mole Charlie (Alexa Nisenson), who will have to work out her issues with Alicia after gunning down her brother.


Newcomers still to come in this back half include the just-announced Mo Collins (Parks and Recreation), Aaron Stanford (12 Monkeys), Stephen Henderson (Lady Bird), Tonya Pinkins (Gotham), and Daryl Mitchell (NCIS: New Orleans). The newbies were glimpsed in the Comic-Con trailer, revealing Mitchell’s character to be wheelchair-bound and somehow connected to Collins’ easy-going trucker.

Fear The Walking Dead returns to AMC with its mid-season premiere Sunday, August 12.