The Walking Dead Kills Off Main Character, Planned All Along

The Walking Dead aired a deadly episode on Sunday night in the form of Episode 10x12. The episode was titled, "Walk With Us," which sums up Alpha's goal with her Whisperer horde. After a battle outside of the Hilltop, Alpha was unhappy with the outcome as she did not have everything she wanted. The leader of the barbaric and villainous group wanted more. Not only did she want to find her daughter but she wanted Mary, formerly known as Gamma, to pay for her betrayal of the Whisperers earlier on the AMC zombie series. Among the many deaths, there was one which surprised viewers but was planned all along according to showrunner Angela Kang.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 10x12 follow. Major spoilers!

After running into Alden, Kelly, Mary, and Mary's nephew, Beta wanted his revenge for Alpha. After the others were safely tucked away in an abandoned van, Mary made a run away from the group and tried to lore the walkers away from them. Ultimately, she ran into Frowny McTwoKnives and met her doom. Beta stabbed her and made sure to finish the job with his big knife, ultimately putting Mary down when she reanimated as a walker. He allowed her to turn into a walker as a means to put her in the Whisperer horde but Alden found her and put her down.

(Photo: Jace Downs / AMC)

Kang spoke to and admitted that "this was the plan all along" for the character portrayed by Thora Birch. Birch, known to many for her role in Hocus Pocus, made Kang a fan through her work in Ghost World.

As for Beta, whose identity was somewhat revealed in the Mary's final moments, Kang promises there is "more to come" from the character as the Whisperer War era of the comics have been carried out on the AMC series, for the most part. Mary is a character who did not exist in the comics, so her story was unique to the AMC series.


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