Michael Cudlitz Addresses Abraham 'Fear the Walking Dead' Crossover Theory

Plot points point towards Abraham Ford being one of the best suited characters for the Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead crossover event but what does Michael Cudlitz think?

The actor who played Abraham until Negan's introduction was carried out in the Season 7 premiere is tightlipped on the subject which The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple promises will be revealed "sooner than later." During a panel at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta over the weekend, Cudlitz was directly posed the question of whether or not his Abraham will be the character crossing over.

"That'd be awesome," Cudlitz said.

The crowd cheered for the possibility but Cudlitz left no further comment! Eugene actor Josh McDermitt, however, noted that an Abraham crossover could also mean a Eugene crossover based on the characters' stories.

"I just wanna point out, Christian [Serrators] and myself, our characters were from Texas, too," McDermitt said. "I'm glad y'all are about the Abraham part, though."

Check out their reaction to the crossover question in the video above.

With a surprising character returning to The Walking Dead in its Episode 8x02, there is a "real possibility" (full interview on After the Dead) the character's story from The Walking Dead Season 2 through 8 is told on Fear. It seems like the more likely scenario, considering executive producer Greg Nicotero has already ruled out Abraham as the character being used.


Cudlitz did conclude his take on the question by calling out the fans who will claim "I knew he was going on that show!" or "I knew he wasn't going on that show!" According to the actor, "You don't know nothing!"

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