Fear The Walking Dead's Big Return, TWD Comic Changes Explained

A major character from The Walking Dead returned in Fear of The Walking Dead, Season Six, and honestly, it worked really well. This is really an update for all the deadies who were either missing out on a fantastic new season of Fear The Walking Dead or just want to talk more about the latest great episode, which furthers a major deviation from The Walking Dead comics, but in this case, we'll allow it. Spoilers for Fear the Walking Dead episode 6x03 follow, you've been warned!

Sherry finally made a comeback to The Walking Dead universe after disappearing from The Walking Dead back in the Negan versus Rick days. This character played a pretty major role in The Walking Dead comics, but that is all seemingly going to be left out of the shows. Sherry actress Christina Evangelista was cast in The Arrangement, leaving TWD behind temporarily but ultimately, that went the way Lauren Cohan's Whiskey Cavalier went. Both talented actresses spread their indpendent wings, went and did their new shows, and unfortunately they were canceled. Luckily for zombie fans, they both came back to the world of zombies.

Dwight's story has been all about finding Sherry. In terms of the canon, it's why Austin Amelio left The Walking Dead for Fear of the Walking Dead as the second crossover character between the shows. In Season 5 of Fear, all of the characters became mindless shells of themselves, following a version of Morgan Jones who just wanted to help everybody, even if it meant putting himself, his friends and their resources in danger, which felt kind of dumb at times.

Thankfully, that's not the case this year at all! Morgan is a certified bad-ass with an ax and a plan. Strand is an absolute savage conman who will sacrifice people for his greater good. Al and Dwight have an awesome friendship blooming. Plus, Sherry was perfectly posted up in an alley for a tremendously cinematic reunion with her long lost husband. To be honest, it was all a little convenient that Sherry found this hospital where Dwight happens to be. I'm hoping they explain that and how that came to be because it's a really big world, and the characters on Fear tend to be really separated and then just happened to reunite something like twice a season at this point. This particular reunion was so well done with the music and the emotions and the acting, listen, we're just going to forgive a feeling of major coincidence and say, 'It's okay.'

But here's what's interesting: In the comics, Sherry becomes a straight up villain for a little while. She starts leading the Saviors and hates Rick Grimes. She tries to get a whole uprising going against Rick and then ends up getting her neck broken on a table when he has to push her off of him. her death sets off a series of events that ultimately leads to Rick killing Dwight at the Commonwealth after things got really tense between the two characters from that point forward.


Will any of that happen on the TV show? Probably not with those characters. Rick isn't even on the TV shows anymore. He's up in like New York or Philadelphia. Dwight is somewhere in Texas, nowhere near the Commonwealth that Eugene and his pals just discovered in The Walking Dead finale. Either way Sherry's return will hopefully come with some more details about where she was and we could expand the universe that way. A

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