Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Comic-Con Trailer Released

Fear the Walking Dead debuted a new trailer on Friday during its Comic-Con @ Home panel, an event [...]

Fear the Walking Dead debuted a new trailer on Friday during its Comic-Con @ Home panel, an event which took the place of San Diego Comic-Con in a year loaded with cancellations and delays. The new look at Season 6 of the first Walking Dead spinoff show teases the survival of Morgan Jones but it might not be long lived as a bounty hunter seems to literally be out for his head. The trailer also comes with the reveal of Season 6 debuting the episodes the AMC zombie series was able to film before production had to shut down, debuting the new run on October 11, one week after the Season 10 finale of The Walking Dead airs.

"I think what we're really excited for in season 6 is the fact that everyone got split up and we've already heard Ginny reference the fact that she has quite a few settlements under her control. She is like a colonizer," showrunner Andrew Chambliss previously told Entertainment Weekly. "She is like someone who franchises these settlements and comes in and fixes things and then kind of seizes control. But it means we're going to see a lot of different places and get a lot of different flavors and we're going to be able to dive in really deeply with our characters."

Chambliss continued, "As you know, we watched them struggle to be apart, as we watched them fight to get back together. We will see whether or not some people buy into Ginny's philosophy, or if they will try to hold onto those words that Morgan's spoke out over the walkie. We're really trying to set the stage for a different kind of storytelling than we've done before on the show."

Executive producer and Walking Dead chief content officer Scott Gimple has since said the show's structure is "going to change quite a bit."

"There's going to be a great deal more focus within the stories, a little less vignette-y in telling 16 little movies," Gimple told EW. "The guys are out of the gate wonderfully with the first two episodes, and it is a differentiating thing. It's something that separates that show from the other two shows, telling these 16 little movies, being a bit more anthological. It still is a serialized story, but it's told through these very focused perspectives."

Fear the Walking Dead premieres on October 11 at 9pm ET on AMC. There is no word yet on exactly when the series will get back into production for the second half of Season 6's episodes.