Maggie Prepares to Confront Negan in ‘The Walking Dead’ 904 Extended Sneak Peek

Maggie (Lauren Cohan) readies herself for a confrontation with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in an extended sneak peek look at The Walking Dead 904, "The Obliged."

Right-hand man Jesus (Tom Payne) hand delivers the latest letter from Georgie (Jayne Atkinson), the elusive benefactor who proved Hilltop with its "key to the future," allowing it to blossom into the most well-off of all the communities. He inquires about her reasoning for stopping in to pick up a crowbar.

"You've done a good job taking care of things here," she tells him. "I'm gonna need you to keep doing that."

"While you're someplace other than the camp," he says.

"I'm gonna make things right. Like we talked about," Maggie tells him, calling back to their clandestine conversation in the closing moments of the Season Eight finale, where she laid out her intentions to show Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) he was wrong about his unilateral decision to spare the life of her husband's murderer despite her tearful pleading.

"Like you did with Gregory," Jesus says, recalling Maggie's orders that the traitorous former Hilltop leader (Xander Berkeley) be hanged for his attempt on her life. "Only, we never talked about that."

Maggie stops. She tells him she's not asking him to agree with her.

"There was a time I did. Look, Negan deserved to die when it ended," Jesus tells her. "Rick was wrong because he made a call that wasn't his to make. I just want to be sure that you're not wrong in the same way that he was. And I want you to be sure."

In another sneak peek aired on Talking Dead, Jerry (Cooper Andrews) alerts Rick of Maggie's trip to Alexandria. Rick quickly radios the Alexandria relay, Rachel (Mimi Kirkland) of Oceanside, desperately trying to contact Alexandria to warn against allowing Maggie inside alone.

"I need you to get an urgent message to Alexandria. If Maggie Rhee shows up, delay her at the gate and alert Michonne right away. Do not, repeat, do not let her in without an escort," Rick says into his walkie.

A beat. Calmer, he reaches out to Maggie. "Maggie... if you're listening, let's talk."

Rachel sets down her walkie and returns to her magazine, the message dying with her. "I think she's done talking."

Morgan previewed the encounter with Us, teasing Maggie's confrontation with the jailed Negan is "very intense."


"It's very emotional. I think the audience is gonna get goosebumps," Morgan said. "It's very heavy."

The Walking Dead 904 will be Rick Grimes' second-to-last episode and airs Sunday, October 28 at 9/8c on AMC.