The Walking Dead and Beta's Face: What's Under the Mask?

The Walking Dead teased viewers with a major reveal on Sunday night and just as it seemed the AMC series was going to show its audience what was under the mask worn by Whisperer second-in-command Beta, Alpha decided it was better to keep his mask on. All around a room where Beta had been hiding were a bunch a photos of the character prior to the apocalypse but each had all of the faces in them scratched out. For some reason, Beta does not want anyone seeing his face -- and when Alpha saw it, she seemed to understand why and put his mask back on as a result.

Some might think Beta is hiding scars from a horrific post-apocalyptic accident or simply doesn't want to connect with anyone so he covers his face. However, there is probably something else behind this mask, metaphorically.

In The Walking Dead comics, Beta was a famous basketball player who turned into an actor. It seems that Beta's story on AMC's TV adaptation of Robert Kirkman's original story will be pulling off something similar. However, rather than being a famous actor, it seems Beta will have been a famous musician. The clues were first laid out when an album cover spotted late in Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 seemed to feature the face of Beta actor Ryan Hurst wearing a cowboy hat.

In Episode 10x02, Beta was caught by Alpha humming a Patsy Cline song. She began to hum the tune with him and he insists she not sing near him. Music clearly irritated him, possibly bringing up memories of the past or the people who used to be creative with (and wears the smiley face shirts of today). According to Beta, the only song he ever wants to hear, is the noise "of the dead."

Now, with Beta trying to hide his face constantly, even before being a Whisperer, it would seem he does not want to be recognized for this fame. Why? That remains unclear. However, when Alpha temporarily removed Beta's mask, she seemed to immediately recognize why he would want to have a mask on in the first place -- as did a younger Lydia who was by her side.

For now, the exact identity of Beta will remain unclear but it seems the theories about the character having been a famous musician are only gaining more fuel. Furthermore, Beta's gold teeth also seem to give an impression of having been some sort of musician, as well.


What do you think of Beta's pre-apocalyptic backstory? Are you buying the theories of Beta having been a famous musician and/or athlete prior to zombies taking over? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram and Twitter!

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC.