The Walking Dead Bonus Episodes Make Major Negan Comic Change

The Walking Dead released a full trailer for the six bonus episodes being added on to the show's tenth season. One of the episodes is titled, "Here's Negan," and is set to tell the backstory for Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character within the world of walkers. It seems to be adapting the Here's Negan comic series which told the story of Negan's rise to power as leader of the Saviors but also explains what happened between Negan and his wife Lucille. The new trailer which offers a deeper look at this episode shows there is going to be one big difference in the couple's story and it's Lucille's survival.

In the Here's Negan comic, Negan was having an affair which his wife was aware of. When Negan learned that Lucille was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he immediately called off the affair and decided to spend all of his time trying to be at his wife's side and make up for lost time. In the end, Lucille died in a hospital at the same time when The Walking Dead apocalypse was beginning and the virus turned people who perished into walkers. She never made it out of the hospital or into the apocalypse, at all.

(Photo: AMC / The Walking Dead)

In the trailer for The Walking Dead's 10C episodes, Lucille is seen several times with Negan. With Hilarie Burton Morgan playing the part, Lucille is seen wearing several different wigs. This seems to indicate she has lost her hair due to chemotherapy treatments trying to combat her cancer. However, in one specific moment, she is out in the woods with Negan and kills a walker. This shows Lucille survived into the apocalypse with Negan and did not die simultaneously to the zombie virus spreading. It will be an interesting new perspective of Negan and Lucille's relationship as Lucille is said by Negan in the show to have the same fate as her comic book counterpart. However, the timing seems to be the one big difference which we can see so far.

"It's in the aftermath of 10A and 10B. It is a part of that story. It's connected to all that," The Walking Dead universe's chief content officer Scott Gimple told "Even like 'Here's Negan' obviously has to do with Negan's backstory, but even then, that is directly connected to the story coming out of season 10. These episodes, I mean... There were six episodes, six weeks. They were written in a... We had to go right at it. Angela [Kang], the staff, some writers from the past, from Walking Dead past, some people who came back to actually work on them. Everybody just gave it their all. And like Fear the Walking Dead, they're concentrated stories because they're shot in a way where we only have a couple of characters that we're focusing on."

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