'The Walking Dead': Carl's Letter To Negan Captured In HD Screenshot

Before succumbing to a walker bite on The Walking Dead, Carl Grimes wrote letters to the important people in his lives. His letter to Negan has now been captured in an HD screenshot for audiences to analyze.

As summarized by Carl's father Rick, the kid was asking for Negan to stop fighting everyone and make peace with those around him. It's the same thing he asked Rick to do as he took his final breathes. Rick, however, has not read the letter Carl wrote for him just yet.

Check out the screenshot of Carl's letter to Negan below.


Still, some bits of the note are cut out of the frame, but most of the letter can be read thanks to the screenshot from Reddit user sbkeliner.

Paragraph one reads, "Negan, this is Carl. Back when I...someone. I got bit. We didn't know but...doing...I was just helping someone. And you..."

Paragraph two reads, "You might be gone. Maybe my dad made...he killed you - but I don't think so. I think you....working on a way. Maybe you got out. Maybe...lost cause and you just want to kill all of us."

Paragraph three reads, "I think you have to be who you are. I just want...that's what you wanted. I just wanted to ask you... I..."

Paragraph four reads, "Maybe you'll beat us. If you do, there'll just be someone...the way out is working together. It's forgiveness...have to be a f...start..."

Carl may have been more specific in his plea to Negan but the bits which came into focus during The Lost and the Plunderers merely pleaded with the villain to find forgiveness. It would certainly have to be mutual for Negan to act in such a way. Rick did kill several of Negan's soldiers, at this point dozens, but Negan brutally and maniacally slaughtered key members or Rick's group who were considered family.

Will Rick and Negan sort this out in honor of Carl? Or will Rick stay true to his "I'm gonna kill you," promise?


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