The Walking Dead's Judith Actress Teases Big Season 10 Moments

As the attention shifts on various character in The Walking Dead with some key actors exiting and newcomers being brought to the forefront, Judith will be among those shining in the upcoming tenth season. Judith actress Cailey Fleming couldn't be more excited about it, either. On the heels of portraying young Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Fleming jumps to the front of The Walking Dead with a sword in tow for the upcoming Season 10 premiere, instantly becoming a staple among the ensemble cast. Upon seeing how integral her role was in the Season 10 premiere, Fleming was ecstatic.

So, when I first read the scene, it said it was like, 'Open up on Judith,'" Fleming told at The Walking Dead's Season 10 premiere event at the Chinese Theater. "I saw that we were on the beach, and I was like, 'This is going to be awesome!' That's the way to start a season, if you ask me. But I was really excited to be able to film on the beach, and we had a bunch of training. Because like there was like this big army, and we're all together and everybody has their different weapons and their different times that they have to use them and go down. So that was really awesome, and it was a really cool experience for me. But being on the beach is amazing."

Action beats aside, Fleming is also a key player in a touching exchange between Rick's kids. Judith and her brother RJ (Anthony Azor) have an emotional sequence in the season opener. "When I first read that scene, I was really excited because it was really sweet seeing, you know, usually in my scenes I'm either killing a walker or I'm talking about problems or trying to fix something," Fleming said. "But, it was really cool to be able to just, you know have a sweet moment with my little brother. And so, getting to tell RJ that little story about the brave man, it's like Judith has this one little piece of Rick left and she's trying to share that. And it's a big inspirational story for her. So, she's telling it to her little brother to kind of, you know, prepare him for the apocalypse. Maybe he's, he needs to get ready, you know. Start 'em young."

In the comics, Judith did not make it out of infancy. It seems as though Fleming's version of the character might just be here to stay and possibly filling some of the narrative roles left behind by the abrupt exit for Carl Grimes.


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The Walking Dead returns for its tenth season at 9pm ET on AMC on October 6.