The Walking Dead is About to Adapt a Shocking Story From Comics

In The Walking Dead comics, the introduction of the Commonwealth location comes with the introduction of a shocking character. Michonne arrives at the community and is unexpectedly reunited with her long lost and now very grown daughter Elodie. A sign outside of the Commonwealth is asking for tips on finding Michonne which was the first sign of her daughter's survival in the community before she was quickly introduced after the tease. With Danai Gurira having exited AMC's The Walking Dead, showrunner Angela Kang says there is a version of this story still coming to the zombie show in its final season.

Fans have already spotted what looks to be the message board outside of the Commonwealth in teasers for the upcomnig final run of episodes. "Yes, I think for comic-book fans that definitely means something specific," Kang says of these teases in an interview with Insider. "We're planning to do some version of that, but, since we don't have Michonne, we'll see what form that takes."

The popular theory on how to properly deliver the emotion packed into this sequence from the comics is to substitute Michonne for Morgan Jones in the TV series. Morgan's son Duane has not been seen since the first season of The Walking Dead. In the show's third season, Morgan professed to have seen Duane die but he was not of a sound state of mind so it would be a fairly simple move to reveal that Morgan did not have an accurate account of the last time he saw his son Duane. The problem is that Morgan is currently on Fear the Walking Dead which is set in Texas, drastically far from the Commonwealth community, and caught up in a full story on the spinoff show.

Recently, a bottle of bourbon appeared in The Walking Dead universe and it was labeled as a Duane Jones Bourbon brand of the drink. Kang says this "was just an Easter egg," which would seem to indicate it will not be Morgan reuniting with a long lost child in the live-action version of the comics. "It's not anything to do with something to come," the showrunner declares.

So, if not Morgan and Duane reuniting at the Commonwealth, then who? Yumiko fits the bill, a former lawyer and character who could fall into a court room role in the Commonwealth as Michonne did in the comics. Plus, she is already arriving at this new destination with Eugene, Princess, and Ezekiel.


The final season of The Walking Dead begins on August 22. Are you looking forward to the final 24 episodes? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Instagram!