Norman Reedus Wraps Filming on The Walking Dead Season 10

This Sunday marks the halfway point of The Walking Dead Season 10, at least from a viewer's perspective. For the cast and crew of AMC's long-running horror series, the entire season is already coming to an end. The show's stars are beginning to wrap production on the finale of Season 10, as made evident by Norman Reedus, who has played Daryl Dixon on the series since its very first installment. On Wednesday, Reedus confirmed on social media that he had completed Season 10.

Reedus posted his wrap photo to Instagram, and the selfie included a cameo from his on-screen BFF, Carol, played by Melissa McBride. Not only are two characters incredibly close on The Walking Dead, but the actors have become good friends over the years as well. It's only fitting that the duo celebrate the completion of 10 seasons together, as they're the only two stars still left over from Season 1.

"Season 10 that's a wrap," Reedus captioned the post.

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Season 10 that’s a wrap ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😎

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This season has been a much different affair for Daryl Dixon, as he's taken a major leadership role following the departure of Rick Grimes. As Reedus explained before the season began last month, Daryl is still influenced greatly by previous characters like Rick, Glenn, and Maggie.

"Daryl is such a different character this year. It's nice when he moves," Reedus told The Hollywood Reporter. "The ghosts of the people who were here before him are weighing on his shoulders. He's a different dude now. Alpha came to the door of the Hilltop, knocked on it, and asked to speak with the leader. I'm visiting, no one says anything, so I go, 'Okay, I guess I'll go talk to her.' That's not season five Daryl. Back then, Daryl would have said, 'Whatever. Keep knocking.' I find myself in all these situations thinking, 'Hershel could have done this. Rick would have done that.' There's a lot of that this year."


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