The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman Pays Tribute To Steven Yeun

This past week has been filled with tearful goodbyes to The Walking Dead stars Steven Yeun and Michael Cudlitz. Fans, critics, and fellow stars have all given parting words to the actors in the wake of Glenn and Abraham's deaths in the season premiere.

While it's sad to see Abraham exit the show, much of the true depression surrounding the series has revolved around Glenn's departure. Not only was the character the beacon of hope and value on the show, but he has been around since the very first episode. Additionally, Steven Yeun has been praised for his lovable personality and involvement on set.

The creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, spoke to Entertainment Weekly after the devastating episode. In the interview, he offered a sincere farewell to Steven Yeun. It's clear that Kirkman had enormous respect for the actor as his words were touching and honest.

"He was always a very fun, very uplifting, upbeat member of the cast that always kept things lively. It's really tough not having him around."

Kirkman created the character of Glenn in 2003, when the comic series first began. So, while the actors are saying goodbye to someone they've worked with for seven years, Robert is letting go of a character he's been attached to for over 13. That's definitely not an easy thing to do.

Before the goodbye, Kirkman also shared a funny story about Yeun's first day on set. He used the tale to exlain how great of a sport Steven always was, and how much fun it had been to laugh with him on set.

kirkman glenn

The words of Kirkman's that really hit home for fans were located in his final sentence. He said that it was really tough not having Steven around.

Everyone missed their friends, that's for sure, but this part of the quote sounded like losing Steven meant so much more than that. It's like he brought something extra to the set of The Walking Dead, and nothing will ever be normal now that he's gone.


Robert Kirkman clearly misses his departed friend, and the rest of us do as well. Rest in peace, Glenn Rhee, it's going to be really tough not having you around.

Source: Entertainment Weekly