The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman Reveals Original Plan For Negan's Kill

As Walking Dead fans, it's been difficult to sit and ponder who Negan killed, desperately trying to wait for the new season. As tough as it is for us, can you imagine how hard it would have been to create that moment?

How hard was it for Robert Kirkman to decide which beloved comic character was going to make a brutal exit? It was a delicate balance to find, that's for sure.

If he would have chosen a smaller character, that wasn't too important, it would have seemed like a scape-goat. After all of the build up in the comic (and later on the show) it would have been disappointing to not feel some pain.

On the other hand, he couldn't have taken somebody extremely important either. If he decided to kill someone like Carl, or pregnant Maggie, fans would have started a riot.

Finding the right victim was an insanely hard task, but Kirkman has revealed his mind had been made up for awhile.

In a panel at New York Comic Con, Kirkman spoke on his decision to have Negan kill Glenn in the comics.

"It was always supposed to be Glenn. Glenn was supposed to die earlier in the comic but then I changed my mind."

His original plan saw Glenn meet his end much earlier, but he wanted to save him for this special moment.

Negan Glenn

Does this revelation reveal Glenn as the victim for The Walking Dead series?

Kirkman mentioned he planned killing Glenn earlier, but let him live until Negan's appearance. On the show, Glenn was also thought to be dead at one point.

After being surrounded by walkers, Glenn seemed to be completely written off. He hid under a dumpster, however, and reappeared a couple of episodes later.


These parallels are something to think about, but they don't have any bearing on the outcome of Negan's cliffhanger.

The only true way to find out who Negan killed, is to watch the season seven premiere of The Walking Dead on October 23 at 9pm ET.